10th Advanced Course

Once again, Val d’Isère will be, in January 2017, the center of the 10th Advanced Course on
Shoulder Arthroscopy.
 Those of you who have already joined us know the friendly atmosphere and the scientific value which make this event unique. 
In addition to lectures and technical presentations, we will have debates, cases presentations and discussions, away from the straightjacket of classic meetings, trademark of the Val d’Isère meeting. Read more

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Course Chairmen : Lionel Neyton, Philippe Collin and Alex Lädermann Faculty : AGNESKIRCHNER Jens (Germany) ATHWAL George (Canada) BARTH Johannes (France) BOILEAU Pascal (France) CALVO Emilio (Spain) CASTAGNA Alex (Italy) CLAVERT Philippe (France) COLLIN Philippe (France) DENARD Patrick (U.S.A.) FUNK Len (U.K.) GERBER Christian (Switzerland) HARDY Philippe (France) JIANG Chunyan (China) LÄDERMANN Alexandre (Switzerland) LAFOSSE Laurent (France) MEYER Dominik (Switzerland) MOLÉ Daniel (France) NEYTON Lionel (France) PALADINI Paolo (Italy) ROMEO Anthony A (U.S.A.) SAVOIE Felix Buddy H (U.S.A.) SCHEIBEL Markus (Germany) SIRVEAUX François (France) VALENTI Philippe (France) WALCH Gilles (France) WARNER John JP (U.S.A.) ZUMSTEIN Mathias (Switzerland)