Thibault LAFOSSE (France)

Dr Thibault LAFOSSE is based at the Annecy General Clinic, where he is a surgeon of the hand, the upper limb, the brachial plexus and the peripheral nerves in a structure that allows teaching and research: the Alps Surgery Institute founded by his father Laurent Lafosse. 

He works 50/50 in shoulder and hand surgery.
His activity also includes reconstructive nerve microsurgery for paralysis of the limbs, and reconstructive vascular microsurgery of the musculoskeletal system with surgery of the brachial plexus and its sequelae, as well as surgery of composite osteochondral flaps for joint reconstruction, and skin flaps for covering the limbs. 

He works as part of a team in a structure that welcomes interns and fellows, both French and foreign. He was trained in Paris, as well as during various fellowships, one in Annecy for shoulder surgery with Dr Laurent LAFOSSE, and the other in Thailand with Dr Somsak LEECHAVENVONG for brachial plexus surgery.

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